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Animation Framework

CAAT. Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit
A 2D library aimed at developing games. You can define paths, scenes, transitions among scenes, perfect pixel collision detection, affine transforms, containers...
Since October 6th 2010, this project is open sourced: SourceCode


Grass at breeze
My submission to Simulates grass animated by mild wind. There're some fireflies messing around and the stars move as well. Visit my account for unobfuscated sourcecode and a more featured version.

3D Environment Map

Environment Map

Realtime 3D Environment Map. No plugins, just plain javascript and canvas.

3D Particles


Realtime 3D particles with specular reflection and mouse camera tracking.

Tiler 3D

Tiler 3D

Realtime 3D image slideshow. Take a look at mindblowing image transitions in the form of a swarm of rotating image tiles.



Realtime 3D model hierarchy resolution with dynamic lighting and mouse rotation tracking.