Texture size: Padding: Outline Heuristic:
A scaled version of the final packet texture is shown here.
Play with the heuristic values to try different packing layouts.
Set padding value to add some extra space around packed images.
Enable outline to see exactly occupied images area.
Set a custom packed image size and press 'update canvas size' to apply it.
When you're done, press Export Image to get your CSS sprited image. The final generated image will be optimized so an smaller image that the set size will be generated. Images which don't fit into the defined size, will silently be ignored.
ALT + Click will extract subimages from the packed result. Try it out.
Change the name of the image (default to filename w/o dots).
Write into the field a text of the form <number>x<number>. For example 3x3 to create image descriptors for 9 subimages.
Press to remove trailing alpha around images.
Copy this context as your css style map to the created texture.